Industrial raisins are a versatile type of raisins that have a wide range of uses in different industries. They include both sun-dried and mechanically dried raisins, which are sorted by size. Before being stored or transported, these raisins are polished with oil.

Product Specification

Colour of BerriesDark Brown
Shape of BerriesMixed
Botanical Name Vitis Vinifera
Mechanical Process Block Breaker, Cap Stemmed, Washed, De-stoned, Sieved, Size Graded, Aspirated, Double Laser sorted, Metal detected, Weighed, Packed.
Packing5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg net carbon boxes packed in a non-sealed, folded, poly bag in-turn packed inside a taped corrugated box.
Farm Processes and Drying Method Sulphur Bleached
Moisture content Product will have a moisture content of 14-17 % at time of packing