The Black Raisin is known for taking a long time to be prepared. Here, the grapes are procured and spread out on a tray under the sun and thereafter, are left for drying for several weeks. These raisins are generally made from seedless grapefruits and are size-graded.

Product Specification

Colour of BerriesBlack Color berries
Shape of BerriesRound Shape Berries & Long Shape berries
Botanical Name Vitis Vinifera
Mechanical Process Block Breaker, Cap Stemmed, Washed, De-stoned, Sieved, Size Graded, Aspirated, Double Laser sorted, Metal detected, Weighed, Packed.
Packing5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg net carbon boxes packed in a non-sealed, folded, poly bag in-turn packed inside a taped corrugated box.
Farm Processes and Drying Method Sulphur Bleached
Moisture content Product will have a moisture content of 14-17 % at time of packing